The Leadership Team

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Mike Alfred

Mike is Co-Founder and CEO of Digital Assets Data. He is responsible for the strategic vision and leadership of the company.

Previously, Mike was the Co-Founder and CEO of BrightScope, Inc., which was acquired by Strategic Insight in 2016.

Mike received his bachelor's degree from Stanford University.


Jason Yates

Jason is Co-Founder and CTO at Digital Assets Data. He is responsible for the technological strategy of the company and oversees the company's development operations.

Previously, Jason was the CTO at BrightScope, Inc.

Jason received his bachelor's degree from the University of California, San Diego.


Eddie Alfred

Eddie is Co-Founder and Head of Product at Digital Assets Data. He is responsible for product strategy and development as well as operations.

Previously, Eddie was VP of Product at BrightScope, Inc., where he oversaw BrightScope's flagship enterprise product, Beacon.

Eddie received his bachelor's degree from Harvard University.

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Kurt Fenstermacher

Kurt is Co-Founder and CIO at Digital Assets Data. He is responsible for the strategic vision and leadership of the company’s data organization.

Previously, Kurt spent over 10 years at Bridgewater Associates, first as a tech lead working on a portfolio generation system, and then as a senior product manager responsible for products within the investment modeling platform. He finished his time at Bridgewater as the owner of training and development of a 300+ person technical team.

Kurt received his bachelor’s degree from Cornell University, a PhD in Computer Science (AI) from the University of Chicago, and an MBA from the University of Chicago. 


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Mary Alfred

Mary is VP of Operations and Legal at Digital Assets Data. She is responsible for business operations, hiring, and contract management.

Previously, Mary worked in legal and regulatory compliance for a J.D. Power ranked residential mortgage company. She is a member of the California Bar.

Mary received her bachelor’s degree from Stanford University, and a law degree from University of San Diego.